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Daffodil carries a maximum of 11 passengers and is also available to charter


The skipper of Daffodil has over 20 years experience of operating cruises around the Bay

and it's two rivers, and can offer you a full comprehensive commentary if required, or why not just sit back

and watch the scenery pass you by.

Most cruises can be tailored to meet your particular requests. Just ask the skipper.

A visit to the Wetlands Area to view the abundant wildlife.

A cruise up the River Ely to see the hundreds of boats moored at the Yacht Club and Marina*.

A tour of the Cardiff Bay Barrage, an engineering marvel of the world, with it's locks, sluices and fish pass.

Or just a short cruise around the Cardiff waterfront looking at some of the local history and spectacular modern developments.

Daffodil has a 20 year safety record and carries all her own safety equipment,

and is fully licensed to operate within Cardiff Bay and the two rivers.


*Additional charge for river Ely

Barrage Cruise
Blankets for cooler days
Owner/Operator Ben
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